The Heritage Film Project is dedicated to explore, and document the human experience. We produce documentary-films on the Arts and Sciences, portraits on remarkable individuals, and high-level institutional documentaries to assist foundations, and corporations to advance their goals and ideas. The Heritage Film Project Archive is made of the following Collections and Projects.

African American Collection: The series came about as a response to director Eduardo Montes-Bradley´s personal interest in the subject, not just in the United States but in the Americas at large. The first film on the African American Collection was “Samba on your Feet” (2006), exploring behind the scenes of Samba and Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. “Julian BondReflections from the Frontlines of the Civil Rights Movement” and  Rita DoveAn American Poet followed in recent years to complete a trilogy expanding from the Brazilian afro-american traditions to the Civil Rights Movement in America and the family saga of US Poet Laureate Rita Dove.

University of Virginia Collection: The on going seriesreunite remarkable humanists and scientists which, either by Eduardo Montes-Bradley’s initiative or under commotion from UVA, have become subjects of the director’s lens. Presently. The list of personalities included on this Collection includes Raúl Baragiola, Jared Loewenstein, William D. Steers, Noah Schenkman

Writers Made in Brazil (Project): A unique experience, a series of in-depth portraits of Brazilian writers conducted by filmmaker Eduardo Montes-Bradley. “Lisboa”, a biographical-sketch on Adriana Lisboa, was filmed in Colorado in February of 2012. Almost a year later, Montes-Bradley and Carola Saavedra met in Berlin for the first time to register images and testimonies for an intimate portrait completed months later in Rio de Janeiro.Reed More

Art Collection: Amongst  Montes-Bradley favorite projects, and one very dear to his sensibilities, is the one that reunites artists from different parts of the world such as John Borden Evans from North Garden, Virginia;  André Waissman from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ernesto Deira from Paris, and Humberto Calzada from Coral Gables, Florida.

The Foundations Project: The Heritage Film Project helps foundations achieve their fundraising goals by producing documentaries used with that purpose. Amongst the most recent are the trailer “Ixtatán”, created for The Ixtatán Foundation; and the promotional film for the Virginia Film Festival.