RITA DOVE: AN AMERICAN POET | a film by Eduardo Montes-Bradley

A Few Words About the Film by Rita Dove

I believe you have cut the Gordian knot as far as bio-documentaries are concerned. So many films seek to “capture” their subjects by surrounding them with a panorama of research — interviewing friends, enemies, scholars, etc. — that what results is often no more than highbrow gossip. By concentrating on the early years of my life, interpolating interview segments as well as snippets from my poems into the visual smorgasbord of old photos and home movies, your film actually illuminates the roots of my inspiration. Bravo!”  -  Rita Dove

A series of in-depth, on-camera interviews with Poet Laureate Rita Dove—conducted and recorded by director Eduardo Montes-Bradley between September 2012 and October 2013—are edited together with still images and clips from the Dove family’s home-movie collection to create the documentary film Rita Dove: An American Poet. The result is a biographical sketch of one of America’s most celebrated poets, following her journey from a middle-class childhood to her college years and on through her early travels abroad. (Read More)

Rita Dove: An American Poet is the intimate and noteworthy portrait of a woman who emerged from the profound social transformations of the 1960’s as a singular voice and went on to become a distinguished bard, decorated with the highest artistic honors of the nation. Heritage Film Project | 2014 | USA | HD | 48 minutes

Academic and Public Performance rights available through Filmakers Library and Alexander Street Press.

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